Community Dance Photo Series

Group Dances

Go to the collection of an evening group dance imagined in View Ridge park. Click Here to go to album (Flickr)

Group D plate-86 3x2.jpg
Group Shot

Fun group portrait of our crew of dancers who posed for this project! Click here for link.

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Go to collection of virtual couple dances Click here for link (Flickr)

Natalia and Win plate-04.jpg

Frequently asked questions

How exactly did you take these photos?  What about COVID-19?

We followed COVID-19 protocols to create these images. Some of the dancers shown here are actual couples and danced together in person for the photos. Most of the couple dance imagess, and all of the group images, were assembled in Photoshop, and the dancers were not able to dance together - these composites are a pale substitute! We set up individual appointments in the park and took photographs of dancers individually (some couples) on different days/ times. Kathie and I wore masks and stayed safely socially-distant from the subjects, who also wore masks except while actually being photographed.

Everyone in these photos looks very happy ... what's going on?

Everyone has been missing each other in the dance community and has missed just getting out, getting a little dressed up, and going dancing. This project was a great chance for folks to throw on some familiar dance clothes, get out and go to a dance event Oh, and we had an amazing soundtrack playing on a Bluetooth speaker ... Dina Blade's album "Shall we Dance?". Impossible to sit still while this is playing. We also played selections from Brian Lee & the Orbiters - their great "Identity Theft" album

It looks like there is sidewalk chalk on the pavement all over the place ... explain please

Yup, the park is basically a sports-themed daycare during the summer and the kids have been quite creative with the sidewalk chalk. We dropped by the park so often that we got to know various sports counselers by sight and would wave at them - they'd say "the dance photo people are back..."!

What if I want a print?  Can I order a print of one of the photos from this site?

As a matter of fact, yes you can. Go to the "Order Prints" section in the menu across the top. You can go for a plain paper print, or have your photo framed up and mailed to you. Other options are metal or acrylic prints, canvas wraps, and more

Can I download these photos?

Yes. The main photos are currently on Flickr, as you look at each photo, you'll see a download button (looks like an arrow that points downward), in the lower-right part of the web page.